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  • Saturday July 1st, 2017

Public Lecture on “Political Regimes and Economic Development

Public Lecture on “Political Regimes and Economic Development

Public Lecture on “Political Regimes and Economic Development 1024 683 Cambodia Development Center

Public Lecture on “Political Regimes and Economic Development



About the Event

Cambodia Development Center, with the collaboration of BELTEI International University, organized a public lecture on “Political Regimes and Economic Development,” which was held on 1st July 2017 at BELTEI International University. In addition to this public lecture, CD-Center is going to organize more workshops, seminars, and lecture series on various topic in the future.

Detail of the event

This lecture addresses the relationship between the nature of political regimes and economic development. Drawing from pertinent theoretical debates and empirical studies, this lecture juxtaposes the pros and cons of democratic and authoritarian regimes in promoting economic development. Many scholars and practitioners contend that authoritarian regimes—with an economic development orientation and the ability to provide social and economic stability—can successfully provide sustained economic development. Others argue that democratic regimes—with the protection of property rights and provision of political certainty via democratic competition—can better promote economic development. This lecture suggests that although there is no conclusive evidence to verify the superiority of either type concerning their ability to promote economic growth, it concludes that any regime can only provide economic growth when it has effective state capacity.

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