Australia planned to cut the number of government departments in order to fulfill the continuity of policy and improving service.

The Australian government is committed to continue aiding the Kingdom’s development as it has provided about $1 billion from 1992 until now.  Khmer Times

Australia’s government warned a student not to return to North Korea, a day after he was released from detention by Pyongyang under mysterious circumstances. Reuters

Australian government returned to Parliament to claim a new mandate after May election in a bid to pass 158 billion Australian dollars in tax cuts into law. ABC News

The Mekong River Commission and Murray-Darling Basin Authority of Australia signed an MOU to reactivate a partnership on technical collaboration in the Mekong basin. Khmer Times

Trump downplayed the chance he would impose tariffs on Australia, a top US ally, reported his administration considered doing so last week. The Straits Times  

Australians will head to the polls on May 18, PM Scott Morrison announced Thursday; the vote could deliver the country its seventh leader in just over a decade. CNN

Facebook Inc said that it would block electoral advertisements purchased outside Australia from being displayed ahead of a national election due in May. The Straits Times

Australian PM shows his concerns over foreign meddling in domestic politics, specifying that his government criminalizes foreign political donations to any political parties.   Al Jazeera

Support for Australia’s conservative government rises to its highest levels in more than 6 months, boosting Scott Morrison’s re-election prospect ahead of national poll in May. U.S.News