American intelligence and military cyber warriors have begun conducting counter-cyberattacks against Chinese intelligence and military targets. Washington Times

Huawei has opened a Cyber Security Transparency Center in the capital of EU in a bid to counter American’s accusation that it is an espionage threat. Washington Examiner

Senators praised the cyber force for securing last year’s midterm elections, with one suggesting it was largely due to US Cyber Command that Russian failed to interfere. The Straits Times

White House executives order that would bar Huawei from US will be released, claiming that Beijing could exploit the technology to carry out cyber intrusions and espionage. South China Morning…

Xi urged relevant countries to stop using cybersecurity spying and internet hacking to tarnish its image, so as actions and words that harm China’s interest and bilateral ties. Xinhua Net

Russia is considering whether to disconnect from the global internet briefly, as part of a test of its cyber-defences. BBC

According to cyber security expert, “APT 10” hacking group based in China was probably involved in the cyberattack on the Japan Business Federation in 2016. South China Morning Post