The Straits Time: Hong Kong policies arrested at least 400 protesters in the New Year’s day after what started as a peaceful pro-democracy march spiraled into a clash with the…

Hong Kong’s proposed law would seek to regulate citizens’ behavior and to ban Hongkongers form insulting public officials.

Hong Kong police used pepper spray and arrested vandals as the violence break out again at the city’s shopping centers.

Hong Kong Leader Carrie Lam said that the immediate task is to restore law and order in Hong Kong instead of the reshuffle of the Cabinet.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters marched to mark for Human Rights Day and to press for greater democracy in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong residents have gathered nearby U.S. Consulate General to protest against the U.S. interference in Hong Kong and China’s affairs.

China announced that US military ships and aircraft would not be allowed to visit Hong Kong and warned to sanction several US NGOs for its involvement with the protesters. Reuters

Hong Kong police fired tear gas and pepper spray at the protestors that organized a rally to show gratitude to the US for approving the bill to support the protestors.…

Hong Kong will allow airlines that fly to and from Hong Kong to keep their airport slots despite they temporarily cut capacity due to the drop of travel demand. The…

General police commissariat announced the support for Hong Kong’s government with necessary measures to restore peace and social orders within Hong Kong. Fresh News