US Commerce Secretary said the current administration has not ruled out imposing tariffs on imported auto yet despite it has tried to negotiate with an individual company.

The US proposed retaliatory tariffs “duties of up to 100%” against French for its new digital service tax, which has targeted on potential American giant tech companies. Business Insider

Trump vowed to impose a tariff on all goods coming from Mexico starting at 5% and ratcheting higher until the flow of border-crossers ceases. Reuters

EU decided to put safeguard measures to protect the EU rice producers by putting tariffs on rice exports from Cambodia and Myanmar.   Khmer Times

Local rice exporters and millers will decrease their purchases of paddle rice this year as they wait for final decision of EU over tariffs.   Khmer Times

US trade restrictions have hit a total of US$369 billion of Chinese exports this year, which is much higher than the US$278 billions of goods impacted by tariffs alone. Channel…

Chairman and CEO of Signatures of Asia criticised the EU for considering to impose tariffs on rice exports from Cambodia as a way to protect farmers in Europe. Khmer Times 

Trump said he expected to move ahead with raising tariffs on US$200 billion in Chinese imports to 25 percent and repeated his threat to slap tariffs on all imports from…