World Bank agreed to offer Cambodia with $1 billion grant to develop priority sectors in the country for the next five years. Khmer Times

According to World Bank report, Cambodian bicycle exports to the EU amounted to $331 million last year, raising to concern to bicycle industry after the withdrawal of EBA. The Phnom…

World Bank released its report on Monday about the impact of the withdrawal of tariff-free access on the decline in value of Cambodia export to the EU market.   The…

According to World Bank’s update on Cambodia economy, the country economy expanded by 7.5 % last year which was driven by the export and the construction boom Khmer Times

Trump said that the World Bank Group should be led by US Treasury official David Malpass, who has vowed to pursue ‘pro-growth’ reforms at the global lender. The Straits Times

According to World Bank report, Cambodia’s economic growth has been rapid, but it will need to look to new technologies and greater digital adoption across different sectors. Southeast Asia Globe

The World Bank expected Cambodia’s economy to grow higher than this year with 7.1 percent based on the up-to-date short and medium term macroeconomic development. The Phnom Penh Post

The World Bank suggests policymakers to allow more time for the country to be an upper-middle income country by aim for 2035 instead of 2030. Khmer Times

World Bank warns of foreign debt due to increasing capital outflows in developing East Asia, saying that Indonesia and Thailand are most at risks. Bangkok Post