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  • Tuesday March 17th, 2020

Sideshow Outreach

Sideshow Outreach

Sideshow Outreach 150 150 Cambodia Development Center


Recognizing the importance of this book in Cambodian history, CD-Center is granted a right to review, translate and print this book in Khmer language for Cambodian people especially the younger generation to read and learn more about history of the nation. In order to raise awareness of contemporary history, development and foreign policy of Cambodia, the Khmer edition of this book will feature an aspect of historical reality for young Cambodian intellectuals to study, analyze and grasp an in-depth knowledge through the past events.

CD-Center has organized outreach activities in six universities namely Royal University of Phnom Penh; University of Cambodia; Beltei International University; Phnom Penh International University; Angkor University, Siem Reap province; and Heng Samrin Thboung Khmum University, Thboung Khmum province. The book has also been exhibited in the 8th Cambodia Book Fair and the 5th National Reading Day.

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