South China Morning Post: US Secretary of State viewed Chinese Communist Party as a threat and mentioned that Western allies must ensure the next century is governed by western democratic…

AP News: US secretary of state said the UK and the US will retain and enhance their bilateral relations once the UK successfully withdraws from the European Union.

Breitbart: Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó has scheduled a meeting with Justin Trudeau in an attempt to win Canada’s favor in helping him ousting Maduro regime.

KBS World Radio: The World Health Organization has reportedly revised its initial assessment on a new coronavirus from having moderate to very high risk at regional and global level.

CNN: Satellite imagery shows the activity of vehicles at the critical missile site in North Korea that potentially signal the preparation for missile engine tests.

India Today: An unidentified attack on the American installation took place near the US embassy in Baghdad as at least 5 rockets fell into the areas, with no casualty involved.

Breitbart: President Trump told the reporter that he would add additional countries to the list of the travel ban on his interview with the Wall Street Journal.

Newsweek: The senior Iran military leader who succeeded Major Gen. Soleimani vowed to avenge the assassinated figure by accusing the US for the assassination is a cowardly way.

Press TV: The US has imposed sanctions on seven Venezuelan politicians who have helped President Maduro controlling the country’s congress. British Prime Minister said with “confidence” that he will secure the duties-free agreement with the EU despite concern over  checks on goods crossing the Irish Sea.