South China Morning Post: Silicon Valley of Southeast Asia is regaining its competitive edge as the growing number of multinational firms focus on Malaysia to escape the US-China trade war…

Channel NewsAsia: Asian share market fights for stabilization as investors clutched onto hopes for China to contain the deadly spreading virus amidst the headlines of cases of infection and death.

Japan Times: Japan will allow foreign nationals, including those who hold short term visas, under the new blue-collar program that aims to address national labor shortage and immigration.

The Straits Times: The number of people killed by the coronavirus in China rose to 213 as the World Health Organization issued a global emergency meeting to study about preventive…

Channel NewsAsia: The Chinese authorities have confirmed that the death toll from coronavirus outbreak in China has soared to 106 while 1,300 other new cases have been confirmed.

Channel NewsAsia: A new available data suggested that China is the world’s second biggest arms producers, behind the US, ahead of Russia, according to a conflict and armaments think-tank. 

The Japan Times: The once-influential lady in DPRK, Kim JongUn’s aunt, made her first public appearance in more than six years after her husband’s execution, dispelling rumors of her death.

The Mainichi: Japan classified pneumonia caused by a new deadly coronavirus that originated in Wuhan as a designated infectious disease so anyone contracts to it must seek hospitalization.

Channel NewsAsia: Thai Constitutional Court has decided that key figures of the opposition Future Forward Party are not found guilty of the alleged intention to overthrow the monarchy.

The Straits Times: China’s new top official in HK expressed an urgent action to enact national security legislation, raising speculation that Beijing might push for bill that suppressed protestors.