Singapore and Malaysia have both suspended their overlapping port limit claims, as part of measures to ease tensions in a maritime dispute between the two countries. Channel NewsAsia

Foreign Minister will lead a team of Malaysian officials in renegotiating prices of raw water sold to Singapore, said Mahathir on Sunday. Channel NewsAsia

Singapore and Malaysia representative held constructive discussions on Monday when a working group iron out maritime issues in the port of both countries met for the first time. Channel NewsAsia

Singapore’s minister of foreign affairs stated during a parliamentary session that Singapore and Malaysia must act in good faith in order to deal with bilateral issues.   Channel NewsAsia

Singapore welcomed Malaysian Economic Affairs Minister initiative to visit Singapore, despite the postponement of an annual bilateral meeting. The Straits Times

Singapore has raised concerns over Malaysia’s establishment of a permanent restricted area in the airspace over Pasir Gudang with effect from January 2, 2019. Channel NewsAsia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Singapore has not received any official proposal or communications from Malaysia on construction of the third link between the countries. The Straits Times

One Malaysian ship remains from the previous three last Friday in Singapore’s territorial waters as Malaysia has taken steps to de-escalate tensions. Channel News Asia

Singapore is disappointed that Malaysia has refused to return to the status quo but welcomed its neighbors’ pledge to de-escalate the situation. Channel NewsAsia

Singapore extended its own port limits in response to intrusions by Malaysian vessels into its waters and also sent out a strong warning. The Straits Times