The Chosun Ilbo: Kim Jong Un has hinted that North Korea will steadily develop necessary and prerequisite weapons for security of state until U.S rolls back its hostile policy.

North Korea has announced it successfully performed another crucial test at its long range rocket launch that would further strengthen their reliable strategic nuclear deterrent.

North Korea launched a test of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) at Sohae satellite launching station, adding that it is a change in Pyongyang’s strategy status.

North Korea warned that they would take prompt corresponding actions at any level if the US were to use military forces.

North Korean leader has reportedly promoted the military ranks of scientists for their contribution to developing new weapons. KBS World Radio

North Korea’s state media reported that the country’s legislature will hold its first session with the newly elected deputies next month. KBS World Radio

A new think-tank report has identified a secret North Korean ballistic missile base about 257 km northwest of Seoul. New Zealand Herald

North Korea’s ambassador to Italy has disappeared, while unconfirmed reports suggested that he had sought asylum from an unidentified Western country. BBC

North Korean leader warned in his New Year’s message that his country may have to choose a new path if the U.S. misjudge the North’s patience and maintains sanctions. The…

Kim Jong-Un inspected the testing of a newly developed tactical weapon, calling it another display of DPRK’s rapidly-growing defense capabilities to the whole region. EJ Insight