Russia said it has sent two fighter jets to chase away a U.S. B-52 bomber that flew near Russian territorial waters in the Baltic Sea and posted the video of…

The U.S. wants explanation for why Russia detained a former US Marine on spying charges in Moscow, and demands his immediate return. The Sydney Morning Herald

Russian President told his U.S. counterpart in a New Year letter that Moscow was ready for dialogue on a wide-range agenda. The Algemeiner

Russia said the military buildup of the U.S. and its allies forced the country to increase its combat potential as well to guarantee its security. Xinhua Net

Press-secretary Peskov said it is nonsense that Russia has any influence on Trump, added that Moscow struggles to predict the actions of the US with complicated ties. RT News

Russian President called on Trump administration to stop imposing unilateral sanctions on the country and urged Washington to seek common ground. Xinhua Net

Putin said that Russia wants to restore a full-scale dialogue with the U.S. about the Cold War missile treaty that Trump threatened to withdraw from. Reuters

Washington will impose additional sanctions on Russia as Moscow has failed to give reasonable assurances on the nerve agent attack on former Russian spy. EJ Insight

Trump’s plans to withdraw from a Cold War-era agreement with Russia could heighten tensions in Asia. If abandoned, they will be free to develop and deploy more missiles. CNBC

Kremlin said that the U.S. intention to quit the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty is tantamount to starting a new arms race.