Top Democrats urged the Republicans to side with them and push for the impeachment of Trump by stating that Trump poses a “clear and present danger”.

Defense Minister said there was little Cambodia could do about the US’s plan to deploy intermediate-range missile launcher in Asia, noting that the Kingdom was staying away. VOA Cambodia

Washington’s defense chief said the US is looking to deploy new ground-launched intermediate-range missiles in Asia but need to consult with allies in the region first. KBS World Radio

Two mass killings that killed 29 people in Texas and Ohio reverberated across the US political arena, with some Democrats accusing Trump of stoking racial divisions. EJ Insight

Republican and Democratic U.S. lawmakers introduced a new bill that would end the mass collection of American phone records by National Security Agency. Reuters

In ten hours after the U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders announced his intent to run for presidential election 2020, more than $4 million is offered to fund his campaign. Business Insider

Bilateral trade volume between Cambodia and the US last year rose 27 per cent to more than $3 billion, Cambodia Minister of Commerce Pan Sorasak on Monday. The Phnom Penh…

The International Monetary Fund has cut its forecast for world economic growth this year, citing heightened trade tensions and rising U.S. interest rates. VOA 

U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman said that the White House and congressional lawmakers are still at standoff as the government shutdown entered 2nd week. Xinhua Net 

The partial shutdown of U.S. government is likely to continue for the next week as House of Representatives said that they did not expect voting this week to reopen. AniNews