Business Insider: Philippines residents have been warned of a possible ‘volcanic tsunami’ after a major volcano spewed lava and launched ash into the sky.

More than 16,000 people are displaced to schools, gyms, and government buildings as the Typhoon Phanfone bringing terrifying in Philippines on Christmas Day.

Typhoon Kammuri hardly hits philippines main island of Luzon, unleashing damaging winds and torrential rain that can cause widespread flooding. The Straits Times

Philippines will investigate what the US official described as a disturbing report that China has tested anti-ship ballistic missile in the South China Sea. RFA  

The US has no honor, Duterte stressed, still angry about Washington bailing out on a small arms shipment to its former territory under the pretext of human rights violations. RT

Philippine President has ordered his government to hire a private shipping company to send 69 containers of garbage back to Canada and leave them within territorial waters. The Straits Times

The Philippines Airline is planning to extend its direct flight routes to Siem Reap after Launching its first direct flight to Phnom Penh earlier this month. AKP

About 1,000 Filipino protesters descended on the Chinese embassy in Manila to oppose China’s growing sway in the Philippines and as tensions rise over the South China Sea. The Straits…

Two Russian destroyers and a tanker have docked in the Philippines for a goodwill visit amid escalating tensions in the disputed South China Sea. CNN

The Philippines government has filed a diplomatic protest against China over the presence of hundreds of Chinese vessels near the disputed area in the SCS. CNN