The US administration has reportedly authorized US companies to sell nuclear power technology to Saudi Arabia. Al Jazeera

The US House of Representatives approved a bill to end US support for the Saudi-UAE war in Yemen, sending Trump another rebuke over his support for Saudi Arabia. Al Jazeera

Saudi Arabian crown prince promises to release 850 Indians from prisons in his country during his visit to India to meet Indian PM Narendra Modi. Reuters

US Secretary of State told Saudi Arabian king crown to hold Khashoggi’s murderer accountable for the crime. Reuters

Trump thanks Saudi Arabia for offering the necessary money to help reconstruct war-torn Syria, following US military withdrawal, yet gave no further detail. Al Jazeera

WTO would investigate Qatar’s allegation of intellectual property breaches against Saudi Arabia, dismissing Riyadh’s objection over what it said were national security concern. Al Jazeera

Twitter has warned of “unusual activity” from China and Saudi Arabia related to a bug that could have revealed the country code of user’s phone numbers. BBC

Saudi Arabia rejected the position expressed by the United States Senate, saying that the Jamal Khashoggi murder is a crime that does not reflect the policy of the kingdom. Reuters

Canada announced individuals sanctions on 17 Saudi nationals who were believed to have links to the murder of Saudi journalist. Xinhua Net

The U.S. senate voted to advance a resolution to end military support for the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen’s civil war and final vote on the measure will take place in…