Kem Sokha’s lawyer states that his client always abides legal procedures, but he could not confirm whether Kem Sokha will attend the treason trial on 15 January, 2020.

Kem Sokha, former head of Cambodia’s opposition party, is accused by the Cambodia’s court with adequate evidence to trial him for treason. RFA

Ministry of Foreign Affairs slammed the Embassy of the United States to Cambodia for a misleading comment concerning the legal case of Kem Sokha. Xinhua Net

Lawyers for Kem Sokha are pressing for Phnom Penh Municipal Court to release Kong Korm’s questioning transcript in the former opposition leader’s treason case. Khmer Times

The Court decided to reject the request to drop charges against Kem Sokha; the decision came after Kem Sokha’s lawyers have filed three requests to the court three times. RFI

Kem Sokha called for national reconciliation as he delivered a new year-eve message from his home in Phnom Penh. RFA 

Kem Sokha, who is currently under home detention on treason charges, would not receive a Royal pardon while his court case is going, said a senior government official. Phnom Penh…