North Korea says the U.S. recent mid-range cruise missile test and plans to deploy F-35 jets and military equipment around the Korean peninsula would trigger a new cold war. CNA

North Korea says it tested a new weapon with a few photos, seemingly resemble US Army’s surface-to-surface missile system ATACMS. The Chosun Ilbo

The US national security adviser, John Bolton, said North Korea’s recent missile tests did not violate a pledge its leader made to the US. Reuters

North Korea has once again urged the US to reflect upon the correct strategic choice to resume talks before its patience wears down. AniNews

Chairman of the U.S. JCS said that North Korea still has ballistic missile and nuclear capabilities and that the U.S. military is committed to maintaining its readiness for any contingency.…

A U.S. aid group will have a three-week trip to North Korea in a mission to deliver humanitarian aid. KBS World Radio

Kim Jong-un’s envoy expected to personally deliver letter to Donald Trump after ‘strongly demanding’ meeting with US president. South China Morning Post

U.S. court order Pyongyang to pay $501 million in damages for the torture and death of U.S. college student, who died in 2017 after being released from a North Korea…

US will try to speed up private aid into North Korea in a goodwill gesture as Trump seeks a fresh summit. Channel NewsAsia

North Korea is warning that recent US sanctions could take relations with DPRK back to the bristling tension and endanger efforts to remove nuclear weapons. CNN