Press TV: The US has imposed sanctions on seven Venezuelan politicians who have helped President Maduro controlling the country’s congress.  

The U.S. has added Venezuela to its list of countries that represent national security concerns for American exports because of foreign military presence in that country. Sputnik

The last American diplomat left Venezuela on Thursday amid the deteriorating the between the US and President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela. PBS news

An American journalist who was arrested yesterday morning was released by Venezuelan authorities. He was caught at Caracas airport as he waited for a US-bound flight. Reuters

Guaido has appointed six executives to a transitional board for U.S. refiner Cit Petroleum Corp, Venezuela’s most important foreign asset. Reuters

Guaido has dismissed the warnings from President Maduro regarding the possibility of civil war by claiming that it rather depends on the madness of the U.S. BBC

Erdogan is accusing Washington of imperialism in its efforts to oust Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. VOA

The Trump administration is imposing sanctions on Venezuela’s state-run oil company, saying it wants to preserve the assets for the Venezuelan people. VOA

Pompeo has authorized Venezuelan opposition leader and self-declared interim president, Juan Guaido, to take control of US-held assets belonging to the country’s government. RT

As Venezuela’s chaotic political situations continues and the world picks sides, Maduro is alleging the US orchestrated a coup to remove him from the helm of the embattled nation. CNN