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  • Monday July 20th, 2020



MORNING NEWS BRIEF [JULY 20, 2020] 150 150 Cambodia Development Center
  1. The UK announced their suspension of the extradition treaty with Hong Kong in a further escalation of disputes with China over the newly introduced security law. Source: BBC
  2. Turkish police arrested 27 people with linkage to Islamic State militant groups who were suspected to be preparing an attack operation targeting 15 districts in Istanbul. Source: Reuters
  3. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s corruption trial will resume in January next year with three hearings a week after the first hearing took place in May. Source: Al Jazeera
  1. EU leaders struggled to reach an agreement at the deadlocked recovery summit on Sunday after three days of negotiating the economic recovery plan. Source: Reuters
  2. The International Labour Organization said the oil tanker MT Gulf Sky sought by the U.S., which was hijacked off UAE’s coast on July 5, was taken to Iran. Source: Al Jazeera
  3. A power plant blasted in the central part of Iran due to the wear and tear on a transformer, but no casualties were reported from the incident. Source: RT
  1. About 2,500 Thai people protested against the government, demanding the PM to resign, end power abuse on critics, and dissolve the Parliament. Source: Al Jazeera 
  2. Malaysia government and the international bank Goldman Sachs will resume their negotiation in an attempt to settle the state-owned 1MDB scandal. Source: The Straits Times 
  3. Hong Kong reported the biggest daily increase of infections on Sunday, with more than 100 new infection cases, and announced new restrictions to cope with the spread. Source: BBC



  1. Cambodia’s ambassador and representative at the UN expressed his concerns on the overcrowding prisons as he offered long-term mechanisms and effective strategies. Source: Khmer Times
  2. The Royal Government of Cambodia collected revenue that amounted to $2,956 million USD from all sources of taxes with the help of GDCE and GDT. Source: AKP
  3. 143 Cambodians repatriated from Russia and Egypt to the country through Malaysia, including students and military trainees, amid the coronavirus pandemic. Source: Cambodianess 

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