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  • Wednesday July 22nd, 2020



MORNING NEWS BRIEF [JULY 22, 2020] 150 150 Cambodia Development Center
  1. The Pentagon considers adjustments to the U.S. military presence in South Korea and around the world, especially the Middle East, in order to focus more on China and Russia. Source: Al Jazeera
  2. The U.S. has accused two Chinese nationals over a decade-long cyber espionage campaign that targeted  defense contractors and COVID-19 researchers. Source: Reuters
  3. A Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccine entered the final stage of testing in Brazil, where around 9,000 health workers will receive two doses over the next three months. Source: CNA
  1. The U.S. and UK’s Secretary of States are discussing plan in response to China’s aggressiveness on HK’s security law and recognizing the need for coordinated actions. Source: Bloomberg 
  2. EU leaders finally struck a deal of $859 billion  in grants and loans on post-COVID19 recovery package after the fourth night marathon summit. Source: BBC
  3. Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan finally reached mutual understanding on the dam project development that has fueled the regional tension and military confrontation. Source: Al Jazeera
  1. South Korea successfully launched the first military communication satellite by the private operator SpaceX to enhance their military capabilities against the North. Source: The Jakarta Post
  2. Japan’s Ministry of Health has confirmed that dexamethasone, a cheap and widely used steroid, can be a second treatment of COVID-19 to reduce the mortality rates. Source: CNA
  3. Malaysia court will remove caning sentences of 27 Rohingya refugees from Myanmar since rights groups have considered as the inhumane and vicious torture. Source: Al Jazeera



  1. Cambodia identified another 50,000 poor households for a cash subsidies program, bringing about more than 610,000 households heavily affected by COVID-19. Source: Xinhua Net
  2. MoCs and UNDP signed a MoU on public administration reform and an inclusive public service innovation to strengthen public sector capacity for innovation and public service. Source: Khmer Times
  3. Cambodia’s laid-off workers can take up jobs in the agriculture field to make a living as they still have family members working in the agriculture sector, said SPM Hun Sen. Source: Khmer Times 

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